We Sell The Best and Repair The Rest

​As stated from Who's Who in 2013, VACUUM WORLD has been owned by Mr. Dave Segan since 1961. They sell and service all brands of vacuum cleaners. After Mr. Segan left the Army he started selling door to door. His wife works with him in the company. After a customer visits the store and a few questions by Mr. Segan, he can give advice on the proper vacuum for the home or business. He uses information on air flow (CFM) to show how vacuums compare to each other. His personal favorites are German make vacuums. The store has over 50,000 parts in stock and a warehouse with over 1,000 trade-in vacuums. Mr. Segan has been mentoring an employee (Gary Nickel) for seventeen years to make sure his business will continue for many years. The store was voted #1 Vacuum Store in the area in 2000, Top Miele Vacuum Dealer in 1991 and National Sales Champion, Dec. 1970 for Rainbow Vacuums. Mr. Segan attends manufacturer's seminars every year and was in the U.S. Army for 3 years. Dave and his Wife Shelby hope to see you soon.